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Are you interested in doing an E-Puja but are unsure how to go about it? Are you looking for a Pandit who can perform rituals and customs according to your wishes? Look no farther because we've got you covered! Pandit Balkishan Ji recognises the value of maintaining connected to one's heritage, which is why we offer Online E-Puja Services. Here, we use technology in a'smart' way to perform Vedic Online E-Puja ceremonies that include your active involvement. Yes, you can now do an E-Puja anywhere in the world from the convenience and safety of your own home! That, too, according to your timezone's best muhurats.

If you are looking to book Pandit ji online for conducting all the puja at your own destination ,you can feel free to contact them directly or can fill the form provided to you on website.

Participate in Vedic E-Pujas, which are rituals and customs that are conducted in a systematic manner. Pandit Balkishan Ji is a highly skilled Vedic scholar who will take you through each step via video call. Everything is tailored to your specific requirements; all you need is an active internet connection, a laptop or smartphone, and a few household Puja items. We host the Puja ceremony online, and you can participate in it from wherever you are. Our Pandit Ji performs the entire Puja with your help. The entire Puja setup, including the Puja samagri, is taken care of by us. You take Sankalp for the Puja and repeat the mantras with our Pandit Ji during the rites, as directed by our Pandit Ji. Over a Live Zoom / Google Meet Video call, we'll walk you through the process step by step. Pandit Ji makes sure that all of the Vidhi-Vidhans are done correctly. A simple checklist of household items is shared in advance with you and a reminder is sent a day before the rituals.

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