Astrology Consultation

Astrology is a science with a strong hold on both Western and Eastern cultures. Astrology is the study of the Sun, Moon, and Solar System planets and how they influence a person's personality and character. Astrologers think that there is a link between celestial bodies and humanity on Earth. Astrologers utilise astrology to figure out who a person is, how he interacts with the world, and how his natal stars affect his life.

The word astrology is derived from the Greek words 'astro' and 'logou,' which mean'star' and 'logou,' respectively. Is a term that comes from the word '. There are various traditions that use astrological notions to explain a person's personality. These astrological principles are based on celestial patterns and their placements and movements. Astrology is a sort of speculation that can be divided into three categories: Vedic astrology, Western astrology, and Chinese astrology. People have begun to use it as astrology to forecast their future and better understand their personality and conduct in the modern period.

Pandit Balkishan Ji offers online astrological consultations to people. He makes precise predictions regarding personal and professional life events, which gives you confidence in the astrologer.

He has 15 years of astrology, horoscope reading, matchmaking, gemology, and Vastu consulting experience. He has provided people with valuable suggestions and practical solutions to people's difficulties relating to Love Marriage, Education, Career, Money, Health, and Future Planning.

Love Problems

Human feelings are involuntary and they tend to affect and affect our lives seriously. Whether we speak of anger or love, it is unbearable for many of us to bear those feelings.

Marriage Problems

Marriage Problem Resolver Pandit Balkishan Ji As mentioned in astrology, marital problems arise between husband / wife when the planets responsible for a good marital relationship become weak or when planets in charge of discord become strong.

Financial Problems

Undoubtedly, Money is one of the most important things in our lives to our existence smooth and comfortable. A major part of our lives goes in earning money as its the foremost thing by which we can achieve everything we have dreamt of. In fact, people who are fond of luxurious items or who love travelling need a lot of money as for these things you need to be financially very strong. However, earning money is not a sip of tea, it requires a lot of hard work and enthusiasm to attain stability in life.

Health problem solution

health problem solution Pandit Balkishan Ji "health is wealth" a very well-known English proverb that attempts people to take care of their body-related problems sometimes.

Career Problems

Astrologers can predict major issues and obstacles in career looking at 10th house. The sign of tenth house, lord of 10th house and planets placed in this house are all important factors. ... Any planet having relations with sixth, eighth or twelfth houses may also cause job problems during their planetary dasha.